À Bientôt

I set this blog up a year ago as a personal discipline, to see if I could produce an original essay once a week. I’ve had a lot of fun in the process, and have enjoyed sharing my escapades and stories with all of you. Your positive feedback and constructive comments throughout the year have been much appreciated!

But now it’s time to take a break from blogging for a while, in order to pursue other writing projects and activities that have been put on hold.

I will be posting essays here from time to time, but this will no longer be a weekly blog. So it’s à bientôt, for now – not au revoir. I will be back some time and hope you will be too.

About Christine Vanderberg

Christine Vanderberg is a humorist who lives on the South Shore of Long Island. Visit me at my blogsite: christinevanderberg.com
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8 Responses to À Bientôt

  1. Freddy G says:

    All good things must come to an end I guess…
    I enjoyed the blog and it will be missed!


  2. vanderberg says:

    I got a little sad when I read this but it’s good if it helps you get going on other writing. Looking forward to reading your next project. What do you have in mind?



  3. Eileen says:

    I will miss your wonderful way at looking at life, turning negative happenings into belly laughing humor. If only I had that gift!!!!
    You are a fantastic writer and hit everyman’s funny bone. Good luck with your writing. I hope you will be discovered by someone who will be able to syndicate your work.
    All the best to you and your work. Eileen


  4. Carmela Gandolfo says:

    Yes, Eileen said it perfectly.Your a great writer with wit and a funny bone. Will miss your blog but something tells me I’d better watch everything I do and say. Good luck with your great writing skills.


  5. candidkay says:

    I understand! But I hope you still check in from time to time:). We’ll miss you!


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